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Custom Renovation Specialists for Air-Cooled Classic VWs

We ship world-wide and look forward to working with you in creating your perfect Classic VW.

Vdub Classics is a result of a 25 year obsession with air cooled VW’s that started at age sixteen for me. My first car was a 1964 bug that needed a engine rebuild within the first month of owning it. Out of necessity, I quickly learned the ins and outs of the simple air cooled motor. By the time I was eighteen I had restored the ’64 and had owned a couple other VW’s in-between. Now in my forties, I’ve since lost count of how many VW’s have passed through my hands, but I’ve loved them all.

1968 to 1971 Westfalia’s and Transporters have become our shop’s favorite to restore and we have completed more than a dozen, just within the last two years. My hobby has become my career and I’m loving it!

After years of renovating VW’s here in Ventura, Ca. I’ve developed great relationships with the finest mechanics, parts suppliers, paint and body shops and upholstery, all right here in town. So, rather than a one-shop-does-it-all kind of place, I believe some things should be done by people that specialize in their trade and practice their craft every day. Each vehicle we work on goes to a professional paint and body shop, then the upholstery is custom made for each vehicle by a professional upholster, rather than a “cookie cutter” pre made kit. Camper wood interior panels are replaced with new baltic birch wood (which we custom make here to match any interior color scheme.) The engine, when rebuilding is needed, is done by a professional VW mechanic along with the transmission. After the team of professionals have put their expertise to work, we meticulously reassemble each project with great pride, knowing its going back out on the road for many more years of enjoyment.

Let us turn your old VW into a fully-renovated functional work of art.  

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